Artificial grass is an aesthetically pleasing, no maintenance, no water, option for having green space in your yard. Whether it is for the look of your business or home, entertaining, pets, or play (you or the kids), there is an artificial grass option for you.

While the elimination of water needs and maintenance is a very large, obvious benefit of synthetic turf, there are many other benefits to consider. Turf does not require additional nutrients to keep it green, this means no fertilizer runoff that ends up in your local streams, rivers, and lakes. This lack of fertilizers also makes synthetic turf a great option for anywhere pets or kids may play as it makes a safe surface without risking exposing them to fertilizers or pesticides that are applied to grass to keep it green and healthy.

Unlike grass, synthetic turf will not wear bare in high traffic areas or die from either too much or too little sun. This makes it perfect for entertainment areas or under pet runs or playgrounds – anywhere that creates shade but you still want grass underneath. Additionally, because of the design and care taken during installation, puddles will not form on your synthetic lawn, making play and entertainment possible even in the wet months.

The technology and design of artificial grass have come to a point where the grass looks and feels more real than ever. Enjoy the feel of playing on the grass without the risk of grass stains.

At Clear Sky Yard Care & Landscaping, we only use the highest quality, Canadian-made synthetic turf.

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