Xeriscape (pronounced zeh-ri-skeip) and zeroscape are two different landscaping methods used to reduce the water needs of your landscaping. If you are a home owner or business looking to reduce your water consumption (and your water bill) but keep your outdoor space looking great, this is the solution for you.

Zeroscaping is covering your landscape in a non-organic covering (such as river rock) and leaving it without any plant life. Some variety can be achieved by using different sizes and textures of rock.

Xeriscaping is the creation of garden areas that need little to no additional watering once the plants are established.  This is achieved using native and drought resistant plants, hardscaping (such as paths and patios), and non-organic ground cover (such as cobblestone and blast rock). When executed well, xeriscaping designs generally require less work to upkeep. 

Since grass, and the weeds commonly grow in it, can aggravate seasonal allergies, xeriscaping will be appealing to those who suffer from seasonal allergies as it drastically reduces or eliminates the lawn area of your landscaping.

A poorly designed xeriscape garden runs the risk of being bland and boring. At Clear Sky, we take pride in creating dynamic landscapes using a variety of sizes and textures in both the hardscape and softscape (plants, etc.).

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