Early spring and late fall are significant times in the growth and health of your plants and the look of your yard.  There are a few steps that can be taken at these times to keep your garden and yard looking their best for the coming season. Clear Sky Yard Care and Landscaping have the knowledge and tools to set your green spaces up to look their best all year round.


As fall rolls through, the vast majority of plants go into dormancy. This usually means that they will pull nutrients back into the “body” of the plant and lose their greenery and leaves. If left to sit over winter, these dead leaves create a litter that can smother plants or grass below and makes your yard or garden look unkempt.  Some plants that go dormant will leave remnants of their summer selves above ground, these will rot off eventually but having them removed will help the plant to grow better-come spring. Regardless of if they go dormant for winter, fall is also an excellent time to prune back bushes and trees, and remove any branches that have died over summer, to give them the best start once they start growing again in spring.  A final weed in fall will reduce the number of weeds you have to deal with in spring. Clear Sky Yard Care and Landscaping’s fall clean-up service is all about making your yard look great for winter.

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In spring, plants are coming out of dormancy, making this an ideal time to apply slow-release fertilizers that will help plants to grow strong and put out beautiful colours. These fertilizers will also help your plants to grow strong roots to help them survive the coming summer drought. Winter rains will cause soil to become packed together, this seriously affects the drainage of your soil, often causing water retention that can turn your soil to mold and the roots of your garden plants to rot. Turning the garden soil in the spring will increase drainage and give your plants the best chance to grow big and strong. After the soil is turned, spreading a layer of good quality mulch will help keep weeds at bay.  Spring is also a great time to plant any new plants you want to add to your garden, whether that is annuals, perennials, bushes, or trees. If your existing bushes, flowers, or veggies are going to need support as they grow, setting stakes or cages around them before they are too big will prevent damaging them later on. For your lawn and other grassy areas, aerating and over-seeding in spring will give you the thickest lawn possible.

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